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The Apprentice - Poison Pig kills Robust Individual

Posted Jan 23 2009 6:24pm
Maybe I do not get out enough but last night found me watching The Apprentice (again)

The Poison Pig was the star of the losing team. She well and truly outmanoevred Simon a hardworking, obtuse Robust Individual. The battle was painful to watch. Sensitive Individual woman takes on Robust Individual male, ritually humiliates and publicly slaughters him. The Robust Individual male fights with one hand tied behind his honorable back, while the Sensitive Individual Female uses any and every trick she can lay her hands on, starting and ending with personal abuse. I am sure there are a large number of men who have had the same experience at the hands of this new breed of "go get anything that's in it for me" women.

Last week, Sara Dhada solved the problem of the Poison Pig obeying the dictum "Hold your friends close but hold your enemies closer". Sara took her team to victory by personally tolerating the Poison Pigs tirade of abuse. Although unpleasant for Sara, at least it meant that the PP was not out there doing damage elsewhere.

For all Jenny's offensiveness, she is at least an honest grafter, a Robust Individual with different communication problems from Simon's. Jenny attacks everything that moves, she says what she thinks and you know where you stand. She might be vituperative but she is at least honest.

In the meanwhile, Lucinda continues to be the unsung loser of the piece. My favorite, is Rafe because of his unsurpassed ability to manage the mood of his team and keep them all loyal.

Does all of this matter? probably not, except that Simon reminds me of Gordon Brown, another Robust Individual besieged by Sensitive Individuals.

Gordon Brown is a dead man walking, stabbed from behind by Blairite women - Harman, Blears, etc - the Sensitive Individuals, the Organisers and pedal power of the Bureaucratic Age.

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
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