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Ten Years After Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted Oct 02 2008 6:16pm 2 Comments

A research study published in the March 2008 issue of the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society presents the results of a 10-year study examining the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Previous research investigating long-term has yielded mixed results linking severity of injury, demographic factors, and psychiatric problems. In the present study, a sample of 60 participants who had sustained TBI 10 years previously was used. Participants were tested with the Extended Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOSE) as well as neuropsychological measures of attention, speed of processing, memory and executive function and a measure of anxious affect. Outcome on the GOSE ranged from upper good recovery (32%) to lower severe disability (2%). Factors associated with poorer outcome on the GOSE included duration of posttraumatic amnesia, level of education, poor performance on cognitive measures of information processing speed, attention, memory, and executive function as well as showed higher levels of tested anxiety.

Click here for the abstract.

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As a little girl I was hit in the head, and knocked out by a kroquet mallet. At 19 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Here I am at 38, still taking meds and going to therapy every week. Can someone tell me if it is possible that getting hit smack on the forehead as a child may have something to do with my diagnosis?
I was hit by a pick up truck as a 10 year old and suffered a massive skull fracture and TBI.  I am now 37.  I've worked with cognitive problems, extreme fatigue, muscle spasms and other things as a result of the TBI.  Over the past five years things have gotten much, much worse.  None of the physicians I see seem to know why.  Does anyone know where to go to get some answers - articles, websites, or physicians.  Thank you.
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