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Taken for a Ride

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm
I received an e-mail today claiming to have found a cure for depression. Apparently hypnosis is the answer to all my problems. If only it were that easy, I thought, as I deleted the junk e-mail.

As someone who has suffered from clinical depression for more years than I care to count, I have often been taken in by products that claim to cure depression. I regularly seek out cures for some of the common symptoms of depression, such as fatigue, without much success. For example, right now I am taking over $100 a month worth of naturopathic remedies intended to cure my constant fatigue and other depression related ailments. I'll let you know what it starts working.

It's odd that as a depressed individual I have this spring of never-ending hope that I will find a miracle cure. That somehow, I will eventually find a cure for my depression and be able to throw out my antidepressant pills once and for all. But after years and years of searching for a cure, I have really only manged shrink my wallet, not cure my illness.

Truth be told, I have made some interesting discoveries along the way. I have discovered that exercise is mildly helpful in relieving my depression. The only catch is that I am often too depressed to exercise. Food can also be linked to my depression, with whole, natural foods making me feel better, and sugary, processed foods making me feel moody and exhausted. The only problem is that half the time I am too depressed or tired to take the time to make nutritious meals out of whole foods.

Most importantly, I have learned that there is no magic cure for depression or it's symptoms. There is no pill that will fix everything. It seems that hard work and perseverance are what works best.
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