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Take a left at Pain and right at Numb

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:50pm
Sometimes just a word. Sometimes just a phone call. Sometimes just a thought. All enough to send my world whirling, into chaos, into pain, into rage, into the abyss. Such power you have over me.

I've gone past pain and hurt. The numbness that is slowly seeping in is welcomed. I can let myself go, and I will simply fall. And I will fall deep, tumbling into such depths that you would never know. I'd take up residence in the abyss with all the crawling creatures that haunt such places.

The numbness is good. It is like a safe warm blanket in this hostile world where all the disgusting creatures lurk.

The numbness is good. It is suffocating, cutting off my air so that it feels like drowning. And if I'm drowning, I'm already half way to hell.

It's good. It's all good.
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