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Suprise! Surprise! Trying New Meds!

Posted Sep 29 2010 5:18pm
Okay, so I'm finally back from my psych doctor appointment (and after waiting for at least an hour at Walgreens to get the new meds filled).  My depression meds have changed and so have my ADD meds.  Seriously, I think I've honestly been on every single medication ever made for mental illness.  Pristiq for my depression (you know the one - the commercial that has the wind-up it MUST work!  Just WIND ME UP!)   And now it's Adderall for my ADD.  We'll see how well (or worse) I feel after trying these new meds... the never-ending battle of the drugs - this is getting sooooo old.

What bothered me the most at this appointment (and you'll understand my frustration if you read my post " Doctor Horror Stories "...  is that when I have my sessions with him he NEVER makes eye contact... Okay - that's one thing - but when he's staring at his computer screen and I can tell that he's reading whatever is on it?  Not to mention the fact that we were interrupted TWICE by phone calls.  I feel like I have to start all over every single time I see him... like tell him who I am, what I'm dealing with, why he's treating me... seriously?!  Ugh!

I'm very much looking forward to going over to my friend's house and having my bottle of wine that I picked up when I picked up my meds.  I'd like to thank Walgreens for making it easier on me by cutting out the extra trip to get the wine somewhere else.  Big thumbs up to you!  I actually wanted to drink it while I was sitting there for an HOUR waiting for my meds.  However, as snarky as I sound, I must admit I was quite patient and understanding -  seeing how busy they were - besides - where did I have to be??  I was practicing patience... it's a good thing for us all to work on - I mean - the amount of people that were soooo rude and they weren't waiting HALF as long as I was!  Ahhh - but not to worry people - I'm not going to start taking my new meds today.... I'm planning on waiting until Sunday when I have to refill my old lady medicine organizers (I actually have TWO). 

Crap - time has slipped away from me - I have to leave to my friend's house (which - reminder - I'm making myself do because it's the best thing for me) - and for YOU too!  Make sure you stay connected with those you love!!! It's so important!

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