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Posted Jul 12 2009 10:52pm

Lately, I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of stretching.  Struggling with a problem with  my Achilles tendon, I have learned the importance of stretching.  Stretching can reduce pain.  Stretching allows me to move and do things.  Without stretching, I imagine my life would become much more sedentary and unsatisfactory.

I read an interesting post on stretching entitled “ The Most Important Thing to Do: Stretching “.  Alvin Soon from Life Coaches Blog wrote:

“Stretching is the act of doing something that you know is good for you and/or good for others and it scares you”.  

Stretching is necessary for for both physical and psychological reasons.  Psychologically, we all grow when we stretch and go beyond our perceived limitations or leave our comfort zone.  Making new changes in our lives may beeasier to do, if we consider it as “merely stretching”.  If we do not stretch, we do not grow.

Alvin pointed out “your comfort zone is also your zone of power.  The more things in your life you get under your ability to handle, the wider your zone, the richer and greater your life becomes. A bigger comfort zone usually comes with a bigger sense of self-confidence, self-trust, more life experience, and a snowballing effect as you grow to want to grow even more.”

Stretch!  Start stretching and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!

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