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Stress, Stress, Stress

Posted Jul 12 2011 12:00am 1 Comment
I will admit that I'm under a lot of stress right now. Current stressors include:

1. My job - I've changed my part time hours to full time right now in order to get caught up, but I'm not getting caught up! More work just keeps piling in.

2. My husband's job, or non-job and the uncertainty around that.

3. My weight - I know, I have enough to worry about, but being overweight stresses me out! I really need to drop some pounds, but they just don't want to come off. I eat right, exercise and nothing changes. It's frustrating and has been frustrating for years and years.

4. My messy house - I'm too busy to keep up with everything and cleaning is out the window right now. I did laundry for a few hours last night and barely made a dent in my laundry pile!

I want to make sure I deal with all this stress in an effective way. Mountain biking helps and I've been riding as often as I can. I'm also trying to limit my sugar intake.

Any other suggestions for dealing with stress? Any advice is appreciated! Just remember I don't do well with yoga, meditation, or anything else that doesn't fell productive!
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Well i can understand that condition you are stay or working is causing stress in life, i would sugest you to take leave from your work & try to remodel your living style & inbetween spend some quality time with your loved ones. thereby you can easily make out whats important in life.
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