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Stress Free Strategy #6

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:01am

Practice preventive maintenance.

This will not only de-stress your life, but also save an unbelievable amount of time, money, headaches and heartache.

When it comes to material goods, all that you possess is in your stewardship. It’s your responsibility to care for it so that it retains its value and purpose, otherwise why possess it?

So, first and foremost, purchase or keep nothing that you’re not willing or able to properly maintain. If you don’t need it, get rid of it.  Before bringing anything new into your home or your life, ask yourself, “ Do I need this?  Am I capable of taking good care of it? Am I willing to commit to what that entails?” If you cannot say yes to all three, it’s not for you.

Once you own a car, appliance, gadget, home… keep it in peak condition. Get the car lubed regularly, add oil to the lawnmower and chainsaw, defrag your computer and keep your virus and spyware programs updated. Stick to a weekly schedule of household chores so that value and equity are not decreased due to lack of maintenance. Add those items to your calendar and budget far in advance.

When something needs repair, take care of it immediately. Sew on that button the day it comes off. Mend tears and hems immediately. Glue the broken china, wax away the water ring, wash the hand prints off the wall, spackle,sand and paint the little cracks that appear, replant the flowers in the broken pot…whatever the task, complete it TODAY.  If finances prevent this, make a prioritized list of items needing repair and keep an envelope into which you add any extra cash that will ultimately add up to the necessary amount.

If it belongs to you, take pride and maintain it at its best.


Material goods aren’t the only things in your life requiring preventative maintenance. You must also take good care of the people in your life. Function under the guidance of the golden rule.

Nurture relationships.

Love generously.

Be kind.

Be respectful in action and word.

Encourage those around you and support their efforts.

Look for the good and praise it.

Forgive yourself and others.

Spendtime and energy positively effecting the lives of others and your life, your level of contentment, will reflect that effort. Attitudes all improve all around.

Practicing preventive maintenance and following these simple stewardship guidelines will save time, money, headache and heartache. You’ll be amazed.

This is the most recent installment in an ongoing series elaborating on 52 proven stress relievers identified by researchers at Texas Woman’s University.

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