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Spring restlessness

Posted Apr 04 2014 9:48am


Do you remember my post here about how hard it is to write your way back into a project if you’ve let it go cold? You know. How I talked about how important it is to write a little every day…

Well, erm, that’s exactly what I haven’t been able to do over the past three months. I;m trying to be kind to myself about it. It isn’t that I didn’t make time. It’s that I had absolutely no time at all left over from teaching and marking and mothering.

But here I am, emerging, just as spring seems to be springing and that old familiar restless is rising in me.

So now I do have a little time – just a little – when Violetta is napping or  in bed. And I’ve been doing absolutely everything other than writing my way back int0 The Glass. Surfing the web, planning spring decorating and garden landscaping and a new spring wardrobe for V. I seem to be obsessed with lifestyle-type blogs at the moment. The ones that make me feel utterly dissatisfied with my own living space (which has not really progressed very much since we moved in a year ago). I’m longing to paint walls and hang pictures and tidy cupboards and – just do stuff. I love making things and DIY-ing. Not so easy with a toddler around.

But maybe I’ll start posting about some of these planned projects, just to get it all out of my system. What do you have planned for spring? Do you feel that restlessness in the air too?

And now to writing…





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