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Sprained ankle

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:56pm 3 Comments
Tough week ahead. I'm trying not to think too much. V is away this week.

On Friday I injured my ankle while out running on the trails. I went to see a doctor. Nothing serious, but he said, no running for a week. I rested all weekend, but I was out there again today - running. It's still slightly swollen, but I can't cope without my run.

What's a bit of physical pain, compared to the agony I feel inside?
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You can fully recover!  It may take some time to get the inflammation out of the joint.  Once this occurs you should have increased range of motion and decreased pain.  You should begin a stretching and strengthening program in order to regain motion and strength that was lost due to the injury.  You should begin a range of motion exercise program once pain-free (up and down foot pumps, writing the ABC's with big toe, and in and out pumps).  Strengthening the muscles surrounding the ankle joint will provide you with with a more stable ankle joint.  Research shows that once a person sprains their ankle, the more likely they are to re-sprain that same ankle, so strengthening is necessary.  Bracing your ankle could be beneficial in providing more support, as well as limiting motion in the lateral and medial directions.  If the ankle injury does not seem to heal, you may want to see an orthopedic Dr. to rule out a talar dome fracture.  Good Luck!

I don't suggest just running after a sprained ankle.  You need to make sure you rehab it to make sure you don't have knee issues and/or an ankle that still hurts months later.  Take a week or two and really let it heal properly.  If you want a good at home ankle rehab program, check out the HEM Sprained Ankle System-

I play a lot of basketball and it really helped me with my ankles.  My ankles are stronger and don't sprain like they used to.

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