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Some Quick Thoughts for Parents on Discipline

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:29pm
Discipline is one of the most important subjects in mental health. The style and effectiveness of the discipline parents or guardians provide can shape family communication patterns, individual self-esteem, social learning, ability to have healthy relationships, and obviously behavior.

I have compiled a short list of essential considerations for discipline:

  • Priorities as a parent or guardian:
    • Safety (never put a child in danger for the purpose of discipline)
    • Emphasize learning over punishment
  • It is up to the adult to take the lead in showing appropriate character and responsibility.
  • Earning respect usually works better than demanding it from a child.
  • Respond to resistance or negativity from your child or teen with short positives. Example: Child – “My friend’s parent lets them stay out until 11pm!” Adult – “Good, I hope it works for them.”
  • In an argument, the person who tries to do the most convincing ends up losing the most power.
  • Demonstrate more patience than your children. You can outlast them.
  • Stick to one topic at a time, and try not to lecture on everything you can remember your child/teen has done wrong the past several days.
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