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Some More Hate Mail

Posted Feb 10 2011 6:39pm

For early installments of hate mail, click here and here .

After the New York Jets pulled a “close, but no cigar” for the second straight year, I considered giving up on football altogether. I’m a fan that teeters on obsessive, and the agony of defeat becomes stronger every year. It’s like a virus that lives in my chest which grows in spades after every disappointing season ends. I don’t talk to anyone outside of work for days at a time, and after last season ended I slept in my Jets shorts and Nick Mangold jersey for six nights in a row. If you knew how much of a clean freak I am, that last statement would shock you.

Instead of abandoning the sport, however, I chose to take solace in reading one of the Jets’ blogs. The writer isn’t all that great, but I like to read the Comments thread to partake in a little “misery loves company.” Most fans are angry and depressed, and almost all have the solution to make sure the Jets win the Super Bowl next year. What’s really fascinating about the Comments section, though, are the people who aren’t Jets’ fans; rather, those who truly despise them. They write walls of hate throughout the thread, talking trash and sometimes complete nonsense (literally):

Mark Sanchez belief you guys suck all night.

NyJETS you all not no Brady, Tom ### you all.

Suck on theez, Jets fans, families, coaches, friends, fans and families.

I’m still bizarrely curious as to why people spend so much mental energy writing hate all over the internet. By no means am I some tree-hugger who loves everyone (just read my Twitter feed for countless examples). But I can’t fathom going to a website that isn’t even written for me (e.g., a blog for Patriots’ fans) to bash their team, with or without making any sense.

Why do people engage in so much online hate? Jealousy? Anger issues? Simple disdain for their common man? Because they can without consequence (this is particularly attractive for those who love to remain anonymous, talking shit without having to put a name to their words)? It’s probably a combination and varies with each person. Regardless of reason, when it’s directed at me and this site, I find it somewhat flattering (not to mention often quite humorous). I suppose it’s because I’ve struck a nerve on the person, that the words have impacted them in some way, albeit negatively. That’s much more preferable to apathy. The last thing a writer wants is to have someone shrug their shoulders after reading.

So, without further ado, more hate for your reading pleasure:

You are more pretentious than even your stereotypical shrink. Pathetic.

If you actually did understand human behavior, you wouldn’t be trying to pull this shit off. Take a social psych course and quit the quackery. Asshats like you and Dr. Phil fuck things up for the rest of us. Stop it. One last thing: you seem to talk about yourself in the third person. Perhaps you’re showing signs of depersonalisation? Hmmm? Better have that checked out.

i. hate. you!

You stupid quack cunt! Didn’t I tell you to die already? You think you’ll be missed? Your soft science just fucks up people more than they already are. Rot in hell.

You honestly think someone is going to buy your book? Really? I’m surprised your parents haven’t killed themselves for raising such a failure.

On that note, have a great weekend!

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