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So little self esteem since puberty used to be a nice looking boy now during puberty of 3.6 years, skinny, young, unattractive!

Posted by Drogba1

3 and a half years of puberty now 17 and really self concious, everything i do or say comes back and haunts me 10 times worse its really getting me down, I am really sensitive to what people say about me VERY quite literally i have so much to say but don't know where to start. I just want someone who as been through something like this to help me out. I am reall paranoid always looking over my shoulder, looking in the mirror about 50 times a day, I seem to go whiter when its cold and wet, So many problems.
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OK so first off, I was a cute kid, and I thought I was unattractive as a teen, I look back at photos and  I cringe, but I'm a woman now and I think I'm gorgeous.  Many teens think they are unattractive, but this is what happens in puberty, your body changes, you look awkward and then you blossom.  If you think you are too skinny, try some protein bars and repetitions with some dumbbells in your room. . this worked wonders for a friend of mind who was gangly and he really bulked up :)

As for the other issues, if you don't know where to start, grab a blank sheet of paper and write down each issue that you think is a concern to you.  Then brainstorm possible solutions - no matter how silly or simple each solution sounds write it down - it's a start.  The paranoia is something you can work on - it usually has its root in anxiety.  For this, you could try keeping still for a moment, sitting quietly in your room and breathing in and out slowly to relax and quieten your mind and your body.  Try to refrain from looking over your shoulder and in the mirror and breathe in and out- so that the anxiety you feel when you want to do it and you don't  - passes.   But it takes time to learn this and for it to work so don't despair if it doesn't work for you straight away.

If this doesn't help, talking to a therapist would be really good for you.  I see one at the moment, they give you techniques and thoughts to take away with you to make you feel better about things.

And the sensitivity (yes, I am VERY sensitive) I'm sure they can help with that too.  There are so many people like you, you'd be surprised how many people are like this. I can't seem to relate to people and I worry endlessly but it is something fixable.  

 With the conversation problems, you can practice talking with someone close to you.  Be relaxed, breathe and start with one thing that pops out of your mouth. And that is how we start, and if you can't say everything, it doesn't matter, you'll say it next time.  We say what's important at the time anyway, we say what needs to be said and it's the back and forth that matters anyway and sometimes even the silences are good too. . .

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