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Should I keep trying to convince my friend to seek help???

Posted by little_laura

My friend has been struggling with self harm for a while, and the last two weeks she has been self poisoning with paracetamol.... the most she had taken in a 24 hour period was 10 i think... but they were not at equal intervals...... I know this in itself is an overdose... even if only slightly.

 I have been trying to convince her to at least just get a physical and make sure that she hasn't done too much damage.

But, she has just told me that she has taken 16 tablets today... I am just feeling a little helpless as to what to do... I don't live near her... so I can't physically take her to a&e myself..... I just want to at least try and convince her to see someone....

 she does need to see someone right??

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