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Shared Stories of Depression - Laura's Depression

Posted Mar 21 2012 12:00am
Through my Facebook group I have had many people share their stories with me. Today I would like to share Laura's story with you.

Laura's Story I am a twenty one year old college student, who appears to have everything going for me. I am going to graduate with honors and I have always been the one to succeed in my family. However, I feel like there is a hole inside, no rather I feel like I am empty on the inside because I fell like I have lost the ability to be happy. I was diagnosed with major depression when I was eighteen years old, but I have suffered with it for much, much longer.

When I am at work or school, I feel like I have a purpose and yeah I may hate the purpose, but I have something to keep me going. However, when I go home or I am alone it hurts. I feel like if I left this earth, the only thing that people would remember would be my accomplishments, they won't remember the girl I am. The girl would do anything for them, the girl who sticks up for them, the girl who loves with all her heart, the girl who would rather spend the rest of her life helping others than making millions of dollars. I don't love myself and I don't ever feel like anyone could possibly love me because who can love someone who is crazy? I have no health insurance and everyone just denies that I have a problem because of how well I do in school. I want the knot of anxiety in my chest to go away and I want to be happy!

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