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Seroquel Found to Aid Mood Maintenance in Bipolar Disorder

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:52pm

This article reviews a study that suggests Seroquel combined with a mood stabilizer is more effective in preventing future incidents of mood problems (whether manic or depressive) than just a mood stabilizer alone.  I admit to not being all that familiar with Seroquel in the use of mood management, so I really have no response to this other than some surprise.  The surprise comes from the Seroquel's impact on depression, which had never heard previously.  obviously this would be great news if the results hold up in subsequent studies, especially since Bipolar I Disorder is an incredibly destructive disorder when unmanaged.  I am curious, however, about the specific mechanisms involved.  Anyone out there with a more medical background care to hypothesize on this relationship between Seroquel and both mood states?

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