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Self-hypnosis for hip replacement surgery

Posted Apr 06 2009 11:09pm

This morning, I am feeling immensely proud of my mum. Let me tell you why…

Yesterday morning, she had the hip replacement operation that she had been dreading.

Firstly, my mum has been using my own You Can Have a Healthy Body audio programme for some time now and we have done some work in hypnotherapy together, which has helped her to slow down deterioration in her hip and manage any pain. She was told five years ago that she would need a hip replacement but her fabulous mindset has helped to hold off the need for surgery.

So my mum is a real fan of self-hypnosis and, when she finally decided to have her op, with epidural, light sedation and headphones, she wanted to be able to take a hypnosis audio into the surgery with her.
(Unfortunately, she did not want to do the entire surgery in hypnosis, although I did offer - haha!)

My mum did not want to use my own audio tracks during her surgery as she was worried that all her associations with my voice might make her feel emotional. I realised that I needed to quickly find a solution and the first person I thought of was Seth-Deborah Roth, who is a registered nurse anaesthetist and hypnotherapist in California.

My mum had her surgery yesterday morning and I visited her yesterday evening. She could not wait to tell me her story. She had Seth-Deborah Roth’s inter-operative CD playing on her iPod all the way down to theatre. Her anaesthetist, who knew that she had been feeling very anxious, was surprised at how easily he could administer the epidural because she was so relaxed. My mum said she even listened to the audio track again in the recovery room because it was so helpful.

In fact, the anaesthetist popped in to check on my mum whilst I was visiting and he confirmed that she had been extremely calm and relaxed before the op, which certainly made his job much easier.  He said to me: ‘It was great. She did not feel a thing during the epidural.’

My mum is now listening to my You Can Have a Healthy Body track in order to begin to enhance her recovery and healing from the surgery. I have just spoken to her again this morning and apparently the nursing staff are amazed that she has required so little pain-relief. She only took some light pain-relief yesterday evening on the advice of the team ‘just in case’ she were to have any pain during the night.

Isn’t this a fabulous story and testimony to hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis? I am very grateful to the wonderful team at Clifton Park Treatment Centre here in York and to Seth-Deborah Roth for looking after my mum so well.

I am incredibly proud of my mum. She was very anxious about the surgery and had some unhelpful  memories and associations about the anaesthetic that she needed to let go of in order to go through with the operation - so she should feel very proud of herself for this fabulous achievement.

If you or someone you know is preparing for sugery, please do explore self-hypnosis and working with a well-qualified hypnotherapist. It can make such a difference to your experience. In fact, a colleage of mine in New Zealand, Mike Reeves-Macmillan, has just been writing about some of the excellent research and evidence-based practice in this area.

Have a great weekend!

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