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Self hypnosis – lots of space, nothing holy

Posted Nov 26 2010 8:04am

There’s nothing mystical or special or ‘woo’ about hypnosis.

As Pema Chodron, the renowned meditation teacher writes in her book Start Where You Are (which I thoroughly recommend), there is ‘nothing holy’ about bringing your awareness to your breathing, the inside of your mind, noticing the movement of your thoughts or the sensations you experience inside and around your body.

She quotes Bodhidharma (the Zen master who brought Zen from India to China) who taught that enlightenment is “Lots of space, nothing holy.”

She continues: ‘There’s nothing that you can think or feel that gets put in the category of “bad.” There’s nothing that you can think or feel that gets put in the category of “wrong.” It’s all good juicy stuff – the manure of waking up…  the art of living in the present moment.’

Self-hypnosis is nothing mystical, nothing holy. You don’t need to sit on a meditation cushion or wear special robes or create a particular environment.

You just need to find a space where you can allow your body to feel comfortable for a while and where you can be undisturbed for ten or twenty minutes.

And as you bring your awareness to your thoughts, you might experience your conscious mind drifting around or chattering away. And that’s just fine. There’s nothing you can think that is “bad” or “not good enough.”

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