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Scattershot Author on NPR

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:38pm


Thanks to Tara Murtha for sending me the following link:

'Scattershot' A Bipolar Family Portrait

Here are some blurby-blurbs I wrote as I listened to the program.

Talk of the Nation host Neil Conan: When you check yourself in for treatment, you accept yourself as "crazy."

But then author Lovelace says he's never checked himself in, nor has his father. (His mother and brother also have the illness. Family pictured above.) He talks about the manic high, and how you don't want to come down. Again, I always wonder where the writers are who suffer from bipolar depression. It seems like everyone who writes a book deals with the mania primarily. Maybe that's why they're so productive!

Lovelace, luckily, found Lithium and it worked for him and his family. I'm always jealous of those people. Lithium had zero effect on me.

Lovelace says manic-depression is the most lethal but most treatable mental illness. Is that true?

People with bipolar disorder are very creative. Did you know that? Lovelace is PROUD TO BE BIPOLAR AND BELIEVES IT BRINGS A LOT OF GIFTS WITH IT. Mad Pride, don't you know.

Lovelace needed his Lithium to write his book because it required sustained focus.

Oh, hello! Here's Teri Cheney, author of Manic, joining the conversation. She talks about also being very productive during manic highs. She says she's come to an uneasy true with her illness. Depression sucks. But there are a lot of highs to be had, and you cherish those. (Where are they for me?)

Cheney says writing Manic was very cathartic. Lovelace also found writing about it helpful. Lots of drama in mania -- like suicide attempts and going to jail (Cheney) -- so it's easier to write about.

Cheney loves Kay Redfield Jamison, as does Lovelace. Cheney loves NAMI.

Cheney has a terror of feeling happy because maybe it's mania. She has to be monitoring herself all the time.

Okay, there's more, but I have to go eat lunch. I'm getting cranky that everyone has all kinds of fun mania and I don't. Poo.

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