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Red Lobster Copycat Biscuits - Pintester Movement

Posted Jul 02 2013 10:18pm
You guys.

You guys.

OMG You Guys!

*Breaks Into Song*

Normally I scoff at copycat recipes that I see online because
  1. So much effort
  2. Umm... no.
Most copycat recipes make you go, "Hey, this isn't that bad. Except I was expecting that other thing and now I just want that other thing because they make it better, and if you can't do something right, why not pay someone else to do it for you and the right way." Amirite?

But I needed another project to join the this week and when The Pintester made the Cheddar Bay Biscuits  recipe that copies Red Lobster I was like, well no time like the present. And considering it's seriously like three ingredients and a small portion of the spice rack, I could still technically be lazy and produce something that might turn out okay.

via Reddit

So I halved the recipe because even at half there were going to be like ten biscuits and knowing Matt and I, we'd eat them all even if there were twenty. Cheese and bread? Yeah, not ignoring that. So I cut the recipe in half and it was so easy! Except I didn't have a scoopy thingy, so instead I laid the dough out on a small plate and then portioned them out as evenly as I could, smushed them into biscuit shapes and tossed them in the oven.

Also, I'm pretty sure I added more cheese than it called for because even though in my head I halved 4 ounces into 2 ounces, my hands also aren't scales. So basically my recipe calls for 2 scootches of cheese. A scootch (at least in this context) is about the size of a golf ball. If that golf ball is also covered in cheese. So two cheese covered golf balls. Or just however much fucking cheese you want.


Seriously. Damn. We'd already eaten two when I took this picture. The only other picture I could have taken was one of Matt with a massive amount of biscuit crumbs in his beard because taking the time to have manners with these things just isn't happening. 

PS: I just read this post aloud to Matt and his reaction was, "You halved the recipe?" So now I apparently have to go make more biscuits.
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