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readings in psychology for november 4th 2010

Posted Nov 04 2010 12:06pm
Robert Rescorla's Yale Psychology Lab

Robert Rescorla's Yale Psychology Lab ... we were all so much younger then ... no that's not me... I was taking the picture!

Here are a few readings for today:

“ Researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and SRI International have published the most systematic study to date of the effects of sleep deprivation on gene expression in the brain. The findings have implications for improving the understanding and management of the adverse effects of sleep deprivation on brain function.”

“Stone Age humans were only able to develop relatively advanced tools after their brains evolved a greater capacity for complex thought, according to a new study that investigates why it took early humans almost two million years to move from razor-sharp stones to a hand-held stone axe.”

“What you may not know is that shape lends more to the enjoyment of a good cookie than you think. Presentation helps you feel more satisfied when it’s appealing. If you’re a scientist, these shapes will draw you in immediately! Erlenmeyer flasks, test-tubes, beakers and the stylized electron-cloud atomic structure cookie cutters in this set make your cookies reflect the science with which they were made. No truly scientific baker would ever go without a set of these cookie cutters!”

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