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readings in psychology for april 4th 2011

Posted Apr 04 2011 10:25am

a view near our home in San Luis Obispo, California

Here is what I am reading today:

“There is no cure for the group of hereditary muscle-wasting diseases known as muscular dystrophy. That is particularly alarming because one of its commonest forms — type 1 myotonic dystrophy — becomes more serious as it passes down the generations, manifesting earlier and acquiring pernicious extra symptoms, such as delays to mental development.”

In a basic numeracy test, long-tailed macaques were able to work out which of two plates contained more raisins. Strangely, they only excelled in this test if they were not allowed to eat the raisins they were shown.”

“The brains of some aggressive and antisocial teenage boys look different than those of normal teenagers, British researchers have found. Conduct disorder is psychiatric condition characterized by higher than normal levels of aggressive and antisocial behaviour. It can develop in childhood or in adolescence and affects about five out of every 100 teenagers in the U.K., researchers say.”

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