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Raising Money for Mental Health Services the “Long-Distance” Way

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:22am

No, I don’t mean by seeking donations from overseas.  Rather, the British mental health organization Mind is raising as much as $200,000 dollars through a distance running fund raiser.  160 participants, many who have struggled with mental health issues in the past, are making the 26 mile effort.  From the article:

Many of the 160 people running have personal stories of mental distress, and are running to raise awareness of mental health and to benefit their own mental wellbeing. Exercise is proven to improve mental health with a recent study by Mind showing that after just one country walk, 71% of people reported a decrease in depression and 90% had increased self-esteem.

As my previous posts suggest, I love this sort of community effort to address an issue, in that it promotes multiple healthy activities: 1) addressing mental health problems; 2) reducing the stigma associated with mental health issues; 3) promotion of exercise as a way to manage symptoms and improve one’s health; 4) increasing the concept of self-efficacy, and; 5) social connectivity.  The only problem in the article is what appears to be a mis-diagnosis (any guesses?).  Not that the individual does not have the issue, mind you; simply that the diagnosis appears to be incorrect.  Otherwise, good to see!

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