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RADs effect on siblings

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
We have worked so hard on trying to be good parents to all 5 of our kids. I'm sure each of you do the same for yours. When our little ones first came I took the girls out alone after the little boys were in bed for some "girl time". I'd sometimes let them vent about their frustrations of suddenly having 3 little brothers. Sometimes we'd just go do something and not talk about it at all. As the years have gone by our girls have had to put up with a lot.

There were times when the boys demanded all of our time and strength. There were times when I had no emotional strength left to give our girls. They have put up with listening to 2 of the boys verbally and emotional abuse their mom, destroy many things in the home and embarrass them in front of friends. They have not had people over because they didn't want them to hear the boy's raging. They themselves have been personally attacked through stealing, being yelled at or lied too.

There have been so many times I've wondered if I damaged our girls and let them down.

So tonight I asked. Dancer and in her kind and gracious way she replied that "no, has been good." They have learned the world is bigger than themselves, that the monetary things don't make them happy, and that they can make a difference. She is going to be a jr in college and is looking for a job working with kids. She wants to help people.

I'm so blessed.
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