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Quote - The Biopsychosocial Effects of Methamphetamine Use

Posted Aug 20 2010 12:00am

"The effects of chronic methamphetamine use are numerous and often pronounced.  Brecht, O'Brien, von Mayrhauser, and Anglin (2004) found that in a sample of 350 individuals recruited from a publicly funded treatment site, 84% reported weight loss because of their methamphetamine use.  Other problems included sleeplessness (78%), financial problems (73%), paranoia (67%), legal problems (63%), hallucinations (61%), work problems (60%), violent behavior (57%), dental problems (55%), and skin problems (36%).  Such consequences of continued use of the drug result from the stress the drug places on the physical being of the individual.  Also, behavioral outcomes associated with methamphetamine use in terms of impaired cognitions and emotions place additional stress on the homeostasis and well-being of the human organism.  In one extreme case, a 44-year old White man bisected his penis in a methamphetamine-induced psychosis (Isreal and Lee, 2002)."

- From pages 50-51 of Methamphetamine Addiction , by Perry N. Halkitis

One last Friday post snuck in!  I chose this topic mainly because we are seeing just a ton of guys for evaluations who's past functioning has been chronically impaired by methamphetamine use, so we're really having to study up of the various symptoms associated with methamphetamine use, withdrawal, etc.  The other reason is because I am preparing to launch a Breaking Bad marathon within the next couple of weeks, courtesy of receiving Seasons 1 and 2 as a birthday present.  Nothing like some light, fluffy entertainment... 

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