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Preparing for Mental Health Month - Cartoon-A-Thon Starts May 1st

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:00am

 Can you believe that next month will be one year that I’ve been blogging?  I started my website in March and blogging in May.   What a month to start a mental health blog! Now I’m preparing for Mental Health Month with Cartoon-A-Thon that will starts May 1st.  This time I am going to look for sponsors, kind of like a walk-a-thon.   My goal is to raise money for the supplies I am going to need to take the cartoons to the next level.

What level is that? Well last years was more to promote awareness of issues conserning mental health.  It was also to get the word out about my new blog.

This year will include that but the next level is to put together a presentation that i’ll go around to local providers and drop-in center and give.  The goal is the focus on HUMOR and our recovery.

The cartoon below was the first cartoon that started out last years Cartoon-a-Thon.

Now I have to make some type of advertisement and start getting people together to volunteer to get sponsors.   If you have experience with that feel free to contact me.

chato (at) mentalhealthhumor (dot) com

Also IF YOU BLOG, I am looking for sponsors the will post the daily new Mental Health Cartoon.   My goal is got have 100 or more people post the cartoon.

OOPs, I for to deletethe stuff about the tee- shirts…   or some or the below links..  That is what happens when you copy and past… lol

“Using Humor to Heal and Educate with badly drawn cartoons.” - Chato B. Stewart

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