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Practice Communication Skills to Reduce Stress

Posted Jul 10 2008 4:06pm

Every relationship a person is in, whether it is business related, family, a friendship, or marriage, can be affected by each party’s communication skills. The better you are at expressing yourself and letting other people know your feelings, the more your relationships will thrive.

Communications skills are important regardless the type of relationship and can even be evaluated by employers when determining applicants professional competencies. If you are a confident employee who is not ashamed of expressing your ideas, you will build the reputation of being an opened minded and sensible person. Good communication skills with supervisors and co workers may make you the person that everyone in the office goes to for help or advise when problems arise.

Families can also benefit from practicing good communication skills. Families that are able to communicate openly tend to have less stressful home environments. Open lines of communication reduce the odds of family members having their feelings hurt or bottling up their anger.

Friends should also have positive communication lines. When thinking about how to treat your friends, decide how you would want them to treat you back. Make sure that you and your friends have honest and open communication and can discuss your problems without being judgmental. Your friends and family are important to your life which is why communication skills are necessary to reduce conflict and stress.

You have to trust that sharing your feelings with your spouse or friends will not upset them or anger them. Encourage your partner and friends to talk to you. Let them know that how they feel is important to you. Opening the lines of communication in every aspect of your life will show people that you are an approachable and easy going person.

Carlos Todd, LPC

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