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post traumatic stress disorder

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I suffer from ptsd, because of an abusive childhood.  I had blocked out all of it until about 3 yrs. ago.  My estranged mother came back into my life at a couple of yrs.before I started having memories, she had cancer and ask if I would care for her in her last days of life.  I moved her into a trailor behind me and took care of her every need, but as time went by it became harder and harder for me to even look at her.  Soon I began having memories, all these memories are new and terrifying to me and when I try to discuss them with someone, they tell me that they are over, to put them in my past and get on with my life.  How can I do this when I have a new memory or sometimes several new memories sometimes and it is all new to me.  I relive it over and over in my head and in my dreams at night.  I am in counceling but still having serious problems.

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I also have PTSD and had repressed memories and went through about three years of of intense flashback including intrusive picture.  However, I had already been in therapy for numerous years.  Either way, it is difficult and I had serious difficulties including needing to quit work.  Now, it only happens now and then, but I know how to deal with them.  Please, don't give does get better, but you absolutely need to remain in therapy.  Also, ask your therapist about his/her experiece with PTSD.  Take Care of Yourself.  ((((hugs))))

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