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Poor Sleep Quality = Life Dissatisfaction

Posted May 06 2009 12:27pm

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep?

Do you toss and turn, frequently awaken, or rise in the morning still feeling fatigued?

If so, you have more on the line that just a long, tired day. Your overall happiness may be at stake.

According to a recent Finnish study, people who have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep are three times as likely to be dissatisfied with their lives later on.

While poor sleep and life dissatisfaction each show a strong tendency to be inherited, they do not share the same genetic roots, according to Dr. Tiina Paunio of the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki. This suggests that something about sleeping badly in itself affects “the brain, emotions, and mood.”

Past studies looked at the relationship between life dissatisfaction – as reflected in feelings of well-being and mental functioning — and sleep quality, but none looked at how the two are associated until Dr. Paunio and her colleagues surveyed a group of 18,631 same-sex twins in 1975 and again in 1981.

In 1975, 9 percent of the study participants reported dissatisfaction with life, and were likely to be dissatisfied in 1981. However, their sleep quality did not deteriorate over this period. However, the people who slept “rather poorly or poorly” in 1975 were more than twice as likely to be dissatisfied with life in 1981.

The researchers adjusted for all of the variables including health problems, smoking and drinking habits, and physical activity levels, finding that poor sleep independently tripled the likelihood of life dissatisfaction.

They seem to have proven that poor sleep quality may lead to an overall dissatisfaction with life.

So if you’re sleeping poorly, figure out why and make the necessary changes.

Your future happiness may depend on it.

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