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Please risk that false positive

Posted Aug 01 2005 12:00am

As Jim has noted (see here and here), many are reluctant to provide services to children because doing so requires that we identify an individual—label him or her as in need of services—and there is a risk of false positive labeling. In my tour through some of the blogosphere (ahem; sorry), I came across a post by a parent of a young child who doesn’t appear to be afraid of false positives, but who clearly has her son’s interests at heart.

Molly_g, who lives in Denver (CO, US), describes her blog as being “about mothering a child who didn’t come out of the cookie cutter. This a child who is more: more excitable, more exuberant, more emotional and sometimes more fun.” She comments on an experience she has shared with many other parents in the last few days or weeks: The first day of school. Here’s an excerpt:

Our first day went pretty good. The Kid immediately required everyone’s full attention, playing the comedian whenever he could. Everyone knew The Kid by the end of the day. The Teacher knew there was more comedy (heh) in store for the rest of the year, and asked me at the end of the day if we could talk. Of course, I started crying. I don’t know if it was the pressure of school starting, knowing how important our relationship was going to be, the embarrassment of being the mom-of-the-kid-in-the-center-of-attention thing, I can’t explain it, but I exploded and couldn’t get an intelligent word out of my mouth. So, I promised we’d talk another day, and that I’d e-mail her what I would say had I the presence of mind.

Ms. G. continues with excerpts from her message to the teacher, describing her child, her concerns, and the efforts she has made to find help. Several professionals, who may or may not have seen the boy, have counselled her to wait until her son is more mature before conducting assessments. Arrrgh. I hope Ms. G. can find some professionals who will help her and her son.

Link to Ms. G.’s post about the first day of kindergarten.

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