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Please, please, please!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm
I don’t know if you pray, but I’m a regular prayer. Last night as I was saying my prayers, I noticed that it was full of “pleases” but not a lot else. It actually made me think of my daughter (who will be two in March). She learned how to say please very early on – after all, it was the one word that helps her get what she wants. Our days our filled with “please” and I have to admit that sometimes it gets frustrating.

For example, each morning she wakes up and starts looking for her Hot Wheel cars. “Car, please. Car, please. Car, Please!” she chants until we uncover her precious cars. Usually she’s screaming for her car as I point to it right in front of her. She rarely notices it, so I have to bend over and pick it up and put it right in her face. Then a big smile breaks out, followed by a “thank you” and she’s on her way. Usually she forgets about the car and her great need for it within minutes and moves onto something else.

Other constant requests include her saying please for juice, goldfish, TV and outside. Although most of her requests are reasonable and do-able, she just doesn’t have the patience to see them through. For example, when she asks to go outside I usually agree right away, with the stipulation that she puts on clothes, shoes and a jacket. Well, you would think I had just told her that she couldn’t go outside, not ever again.

So what does this have to do with praying? Well, it got me wondering how God sees my constant requests and if I’m sometimes as impatient as my daughter. Do I ask for things that are already right in front of me? Do I ask for things that require a little preparation (like going outside)? Or do I ask for things that simply aren’t good for me (like candy before right before bed)?
Like always, I don’t really have any answers. But I think that when I start my prayer time tonight, I’ll watch how many requests I make. I’ll also take a little time to say thank you for all I have.
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