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Personal Entry - TMI Tuesdays

Posted Jul 17 2012 12:00am

     I am reinstating TMI Tuesdays to answer any questions people might have for me. It is helpful for me as well, because I can get a better understanding of what people would like to read about. To ask something, just go to my Ask Me a Question page and type in whatever you want to ask. If you check off Hide Your Name your question will be completely anonymous.

Hi, I have just now found this blog. Thanks for writing it. I suffer from SA and struggling just now so reading your blog helps. I would like to learn more about the progress you have made. Cheers.
     First of all, thank you for reading. I am still in disbelief people actually find my blog helpful in any capacity. So that means a lot. Secondly, I have made a lot of progress in some ways, but still find myself struggling overall. The biggest improvement I have made is definitely just the realization, that my automatic or negative thoughts about myself, or the way I feel others perceive me, is not necessarily accurate or the reality. Although, it still a constant battle to not believe the negative thoughts, I can now at least label it as being a negative thought, and can talk myself out it. Whereas, before I would have just accepted the negative thought as the truth. I hope that made sense.

This may seem like a silly question, but have you experienced serious avoidance behavior? 
     This is not a silly question at all. I have definitely experienced serious avoidance behavior. It is still occurring. However, I'm working on not avoiding the events or social activities, I know I would be thankful I attended afterwards. For example, this past week, I wasn't feeling up to going to my Uncle's birthday party, but I went because I knew it would be a nice gesture. Afterwards, although I was tired, I was content and proud of myself for going and putting that effort forth.

Are you a virgin?
     No, I am not. However, my experience is still quite limited. I have talked about this in great detail before on my blog, but I have since taken down all those posts, as well as many others. But I will address it again in the future, as sex and social anxiety is always an interesting topic and dynamic. I just had this instinct to want to start this blog entirely over again.

How much money do you make from this website?
     I do not really directly make money from this website. I used to make a couple dollars a day, when I was using Google Adsense, but they since disabled my account with no real explanation. I assume it is because of some of the dark subject matter. Right now, the only potential of monetizing I have on here, is a website called Chitika , but only make cents from them per day. I'm not really looking or expecting to make a profit from this, but my other blog, Young and Pennywise , is more focused around that goal.

Do you smoke cigarettes? 
     I do not smoke cigarettes and I never will.

Would you say that your immediate family are understanding and sympathetic about your SA?
     They are as understanding and sympathetic as they could possibly be. However, it takes having a social anxiety disorder or clinical depression, to truly understand what is feels like. So rarely do I feel understood. Although, we might have different ideas about what I should or shouldn't be doing, I know they only have the best intentions.
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