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Peeing in a bottle

Posted by Jo

Why would a teenage boy pee in a bottle and keep it in his room?  It seems, he keeps an empty bottle in his bedroom and pees in it until it's full, then throws the filled bottle out and starts a new one.  He is now 17 yrs old and apparently has been doing this for a couple of years.  He seems like a relatively normal teenage boy, but this behavior seems odd.  Is he just lazy or is there something more to be concerned about?  He was diagnosed as ADHD...back when he was in early elementary, but no longer takes meds for it.
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It's hard to say.  Is he saying why he's doing this? It may be that he is reluctant to get up and go to the bathroom at night and prefers just to urinate in the bottle instead.  Does he feel uncomfortable about using the bathroom for some reason?  Sometimes it's best to just ask even if you're afraid of confronting the person.
No, that is not typical behavior, but there may be many reasons for this.  If you have a good relationship with him, I would ask him directly.  But, make sure you don't make it a big deal as he may be embarrased.   Something like, "By the way, I was in your room the other day and noticed..."  If you do not get anywhere with him, you might ask his father or speak with a school psychologist about this.
I would definitely ask. It could be as simple as  convenience during the night. Or it could be as complicated as saving the urine for someone who is drug tested and needs clean urine. The only way to know is to have the conversation.
He's LAZY... Plain and simple.  My 13 year has pisses in a bottle and filled a dorito bag and left them in the basement.  SIMPLE LAZINESS....  and I'm fed up.  Any Help out there???
I have a 13 yr old that pees in bottles and leaves them all in his room.I had to throw a bunch of clothes out cause it leaked on some of them. He had a head i njury at a daycare when he was little. he is diagnosed with many different things. But he does know better and is a lot smarter than people think. Not only that hed produce in his drawers as well. Plus he he put banan peelins inder my matress in my room as well. I am getting sick of it. I made a few appointmentsd at a psychiatrist but since we called later due to weather twice, they will not see him now. I was snowed in, and my phone was out since we have internet phone for 4 days.
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