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Outing and Weird Mommy Moment

Posted Jun 27 2010 6:00am

I had a fun day out with my husband and daughter on Saturday. That was the first time in a long time that I have enjoyed being away from the house for that long. We rambled around doing nothing in particular, just goofing off. It was not my first choice of what I wanted to do, I wanted to be at home working on my blog, catching up on blog reading and writing. However, something dawned on me last week. My husband was feeling like I was ignoring him because I had gone out all day with my mom a couple of Saturdays ago, and while he was out of town this week I went out with my grandmother and daughter. I think he felt that if I could force myself out of the house for those people, then I should be able to force myself out of the house for him. In a way, I think he was correct. Just because I do not want to go somewhere does not mean that I should not. I felt as if I needed to compromise more, but also make it clear that there would be some days that I would not go places. I also needed to set some boundaries up if we were to go places together more often. I prefer only one or two destinations in a day out. Much more than that and I get a little nutty. Also with it being as hot as it is, my feet swell up and quite frankly they hurt pretty bad when they do. I think my compromising today allowed my boundary setting with him to have more impact, because he could see I was willing to compromise on some things. In fact, he got a phone call after we got home from picking up some medications for me, and he had to run out again. Because of my boundary setting he knew that I was done with running around today. So when he left, there was none of the usual him begging me to go with him and etc., he just told me he loved me and would be back in a little bit. Which meant a whole lot less stress for me.

This further emphasizes the error of my ways. I have been demanding that my boundaries be met, without taking into consideration what other people’s needs and wants might be. This is not to say that I should not set boundaries, it just proves to me that I need to be more considerate of other people at the same time I am looking out for myself.

This is a picture of my daughter…..

She is a very intelligent, and in my opinion, pretty young lady. It did not dawn on me until this evening that she is at an age that other people might find her attractive as well. Namely….TEENAGE BOYS!!!

We were eating at BoJangles this evening, and some how our order got messed up.  A young man who worked there was asked to bring us the items that were left out of what we had ordered.  He came to our table and would not leave…he stayed there and kept talking to my husband and daughter, especially my daughter.  I realized that he was trying to flirt with her, however, it totally went over my head that she thought he was cute, until after he left our table….finally.  I said something to my daughter like “That boy is weird”.  She got all red in the face and said she thought he was pretty funny.  It is hard for me to picture my daughter who I still think of like this…

as being old enough to think boys are cute. I have made the decision to buy myself a rather powerful cattle prod so I can use it on any boy that attempts to even look at her when I am around. That should take care of anyone wanting to date her until I am mature enough to deal with it.

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