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One Hit Wonders Day...Do you Remember...?

Posted Sep 25 2010 12:00am

Today is National One Hit Wonder's Day!!!  A time to celebrate those artists who only had one top 40 hit on the Billboard charts, but live on in the music world.  So what is a one hit wonder? The term varies, but it is usually used as stated above.  Also, it is used for artists who are known for one song.  

Many one hit wonders reflect the culture or fads of that time period such as disco, CB era, video games.  Because of this, there is often a nostalgic feeling.  Some, may come from movies.  Others occur because an artist from a group may make a solo hit outside of the group. 
You are all getting to witness my love for music this month and as usual I really, really, really, really got carried away with this song list of 100.  I had to stop myself because I could have gone on.  I had a great time putting it together. I'm sure that there is something in my playlist that you will like.  The songs are basically in alphabetical order.  Because the list is so long, today is the whole list. Then...

Sunday ~ 1-19
Monday ~ 20-39
Tuesday ~ 40-59
Wednesday ~ 60-799
Thursday ~ 80-100
Friday ~ Whatever you come up with if I can find the music.  I will also add a link back to the contributor.
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What would you add?

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