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Nice day

Posted Feb 20 2010 1:39pm

I’ve had a nice day today. I got up rather late in fact all of us got up late which was good. I then did some work on my english assignment, it’s not going well i am very good at the descriptive but crap at anything analytical, i just don’t seem to be able to get my head around it. I can analyse in my head but when it comes to putting it in words it just doesn’t work.  I then had breakfast (if you could call it that).

Later this afternoon i went into the local town with my little boy, bribery had been called for earlier in the day and i had promised him a toy which was duly purchased. Then i met up with my friend from college we did a bit more shopping then headed back to my house for dinner. My friend T is a vegetarian which is a new style of cooking for me. We all had sausages but she had the quorn variety instead of the nice fat richmond ones that we had.

I like spending time with T she has had such a varied interesting life. I love listening to her stories and can’t believe someone who is just a couple more years older than me has done so much. T has hitched around the UK with kids and lived off the land. She has lived in communities with other like minded people and built her own house as well. Her friends are many and varied, people she has met on her travels. She is a true hippie and will admit this herself. She is a kind caring and empathetic person who doesn’t have a bad word for anyone. She is also helping me to stick with the college she cheer leads me when i am doubting my abilities, which is often.

Anyway we had a lovely afternoon and early evening talking about not much in particularand it was nice to spend time with another adult. Don’t get me wrong i love spending time with my kids but there’s only so much shooting and war games that i can play. I don’t normally spend time with people socially and this is definately an area i could work on. I used to always meet friends for me time but that all disappeared when i started suffering from depression and anxiety.

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