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Narcissists-Not Capable of Intimacy

Posted Apr 07 2010 9:15am

The capacity for intimacy begins wehn the child is very young. It starts with a loving consistent attachment to mother (or the primary caregiver). True intimacy can only develop if the child has become differentiated from the mother or primary caregiver. The narcissist develops a false grandiose self. This child is not loved for himself but was forced to play the role of narcissistic supply to sustain parental egos. True intimacy takes place in the recognition, respect and love that occurs when two separate individuated individuals form a lovng sustained reciprocal union. True intimacy promotes the evolution of the self in each of the individuals involved while it brings the two together to create new sources of insight, spiritual growth, renewed hope and an expanding panoply of limitless reserves of creativity and seeds of growth on every level.  Visit my website:
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