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Narcissist's Lies-Let Me Count the Ways

Posted Aug 11 2010 11:10pm

Narcissists are truth adverse. They can't tell the truth, deal with the truth or handle people who are seeking the truth. They live in a delusion of grand proportions that uses lying and deception as handy tools to get whatever they want. A narcissist will look you right in the eyes, unblinking and lie to you at close range. Narcissists become so skilled at lying that many of them believe that they are telling the truth. Others use constant lying as a convenient way of controlling others. Besides if you don't have a conscience, lying is smooth and easy.

There are so many ways and styles the narcissists lies---He/she leads a double life with multiple affairs, even multiple children from various liasions. Narcissists convince those most devoted to them to lie by proxy. The narcissist's closest followers will do anything to be part of his golden circle. These individuals don't have separate identities of their own and are psychologically fused with the narcissist. Narcissists lie through empty promises that they know will never be fulfilled. Narcissists take cruel advantage of followers who are emotionally vulnerable and have them do their dirty work in business situations. This way it is not the narcissist who will get caught if there is a slip up but the willling dependent sidekick.

Even those who have been married to narcissists for decades and think they understand these personalities can be caught off guard by suddenly being told (even by a remote text message) that the marriage is over, they have found someone else and area moving on with their lives. There are no backward glances, no regret, no concern about the children they share, no addressing of financial issues----just goodbye! This happens with narcissists more often than one might imagine.

To protect yourself from the mendacious narcissist, study this severe personality disorder closely. Our society rewards and even applauds narcissistic individuals, especially if they are very successful, magnetic and attractive. Invest in your own healthy sense of self and be open to learning the truth about a spouse whom you believe is a narcissist. To learn about every facet of the narcissistic personality disorder, visit my website:

Linda Martinez-Lewi, PhD.

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