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My wife is very forgetful she is also distracted and hums all the time, is this a sign of a mental problem?

Posted by psycom

forgets names, dates, and what an object is.

Humming at alltimes often just seemingly random notes

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Firstly, don't overreact - maybe there is a reasonable explanation like she is stressed out at the moment. .

 and humming: is she a happy person  - in this context humming is fine. 

Sure, one mental problem I can think of (depression) lists distraction as a symptom but you have to have other symptoms (feelings of hopelessness, despair, crying, etc) for this to stick.

But if you're really concerned - I'd address it with her first: "Sweetie, you seem distracted is anything the matter?"

But in terms of the other end of the spectrum - if you want to go there: mental, neurological , hormonal. . it would be hard to tell without a proper evaluation by a doctor.


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