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My poor brother

Posted Jun 01 2010 7:40am

My older brother has schizophrenia. 2 months ago he finally admitted that he had a problem, after about 6+ years of trouble. He was living in a homeless shelter and was convinced my father was a sociopath and controlling everyone. I won't go into the extent of his delusions because they were very intricate but suffice to say he was trying as hard as he could to save us all from my father. He contacted people my dad worked with, are extended family etc. He was involuntarily admitted in feb because he was trying to get the local police in his city to get the police near my father to arrest him and my mother to go to a battered womans shelter (though my father is quite harmless and actually rather pathetic when it comes to argueing with my mother).

After being given medication the change was amazing. He talked to my dad again. He went home, things were doing well. But as expected, he didn't want to stay on the medication. Today he's moving out of the house. Has no social support and will within 2 month probably be back on the street where "my father can't control what I do". 

Though, I admit this is rather frustrating to me, I'm more worried about how my parents are dealing with this. It was so nice for them to have him back, they had everyone (my 3 siblings) except me home for my mom's birthday and mothers day. I  think my mom was crying she was so happy. But now it's starting up again. And I'm so worried. This just triggers my anxiety so much more than everything else tends to. 

Thanks for reading. I don't like to bother my friends with these details, they have to deal with the day-to-day borderline rachel as is, so I don't want to add to it; they're doing amazing already.

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