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My Korean wife just had stomach surgery removal She exhibits many of common symptoms of HwaByung. Do you have a recommendation

Posted by questions01

She has need for personal safety to point of fear.  She sighs, is easily triggered, thinks I (at age 63) am out looking for women, will throw or break things when out of control, used to try to hit me until she hurt herself, example: she was up in her bedroom after surgery and thought a piece of cheese cake would help her sleep.  I took it out of the freezer and put the piece in the microwave for 15 sec to warm as she does not like cold objects.  She does not like to use micro because someone told her using micro is not healthy.  She blew up and called me all kind of names and rehersed every wrong I had, in her mind, ever done to her.  Now she thinks she needs to get away from me, separate, so she can recover from cancer surgery.  She blames me and tells me I am killing her.  I am a fairly calm professional in the computer consulting business and, although I have a healthy ego, do not feel I am contributing to her ill health.  I have always thought it was her thought process and then read artical about hwabyung, symptoms and history. 
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