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My Dexedrine Dilemma

Posted Dec 14 2010 9:16pm

My intention was to have this written and posted earlier today, but lately my days are flying by way too fast.  And when I say "days", I mean the time between when I wake up to the time the sun sets - which is around 4:30 PM as of late.  Lately this time has been my "window of opportunity" in which I'm able to (with the help of my dexedrine) function long enough and to be able to focus on getting some things done.  Once the sun goes down that's when my dexedrine wears off and I'm back to my scatterbrained, unmotivated, blah self.  It's almost like my life is a cross between the movies Cinderella (minus the fancy dress, glass slippers, and perfect little ending) and Groundhog Day (in which Bill Murray's character wakes up to the same day every day, over and over).  Yep, I would say that's actually a pretty  decent description of my life as of late.
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