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My Blog changed From The Depression Category to It’s Rightful Mental Health Category. It feels like I just changed meds!

Posted Feb 19 2009 12:00am By: Chato B Stewart

Mental Health Humor

Mental Health Humor cartoons by chato b stewart

Mental Health Humor:

My Blog changed From The Depression Category to It’s Rightful Mental Health Category.  It feels like I just changed meds!

Winter, Spring, summer and fall no matter where you are things change.  Some times we are the architect and other times it’s like we are on auto pilot.   Well there have been some big changes over the last few months with this blog.  We have gone from a daily cartoon post to posting just a few a week.  Some with new cartoons.  Mostly the post about the other art I’m doing and learning.  I just wanted make sure that every one understands the mission of this blog has not changed!  It is to help other towards recovery.  We just try to use humor as our venue.

For the last seven months our blog was listed under the category “Depression”.  At the time that was the best one to list us under.  Even though we focus on all different disorders.  Well, I’m happy to announce that as of now we are listed in the category “Mental Health”.

This is where we truly belong and it has also opened the door to many new people coming to the blog.  So I just want to welcome every one.

You will find that I’m not going to be getting too much into defining every disorder and don’t expect to hear the latest new pill or theory on dealing with every mental illness.  I’m not qualified to even presume I know enough to teach you a think or two…  No, my goal is to look at the humor that makes up our disorders.  I do this with cartoons that I draw about different things that effect us as “consumers”.  Some times I will draw from my own life and add some commentary about the subject with links that will make the point.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to go set up a schedule  and try to post at least 3 new cartoons each week.

We are coming up on my first year anniversary since my “hospital vacation”.  I think it’s time for me to ink, draw and scan the actual cartoons that got the Mental Health Humor blog all started.

So I want to thank every one who has stuck with me and I want to welcome all the new readers.



Mental Health Humor cartoons jokes chato b stewart

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