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My 13 year old has about 3 good weeks (almost hyper at times) followed by a sad/depressed week.

Posted by jasmineiris

He is on Lexapro for the last 4 months being treated for depression/anxiety/mild OCD, but i don't think that's what he has, and it is not helping. He is really happy, euphoric, and hyper at times. However he also had a phase of sadness (first week of last 4 months) lasting anywhere from 5-9 days? Is this Cyclothymia.

 He is never rude or angry or irritable, but certainly when he is hyper he gets agitated, restless, too active on gmail and facebook, jokes around a lot, sings and dances. When he is sad, he literally cuts off from most activities and barely gets through school 

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bipolar sounds about right lol
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