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MOVE Community Conference Kicks Off This Summer

Posted Jun 01 2010 6:40am
Written By Shahida Arabi
 The battle to fight the stigma continues with MOVE. The MOVE Community Conference a two-day intensive workshop, designed by TWLOHA  in 2009, to inspire a dialogue about mental health issues among students, mentors, parents, friends, pastors and professionals. The conference provides dialogue and education on taboo issues such as “depression and anxiety, addiction, self-injury, suicide, hope and community.”  Struggles and the recovery process are among some of the topics covered in the seminar.

MOVE is a great example of the progress communities and mental health facilitators are making towards shedding light on important mental health issues, while reminding us that there is still progress to be made. People, suffering from borderline personality disorder , are especially in need of a voice in the community. The stereotypes surrounding their illness often disable borderline survivors from speaking about their experiences, leaving them feeling ashamed, unworthy and invalidated when, in fact, their disorder often stems from experiencing such an invalidating environment. The conference is an opportunity for everyone to share their story and be heard.

By building a community of survivors, we can continue to explore the issues they face and their ability to create change for themselves and others. The MOVE conference is an innovative step towards community involvement in mental health advocacy. Join the fight, break the silence, and MOVE.

Applications are now being accepted for upcoming conferences to take place in Boston, June 25th-26th, and Omaha, June 30th-31st. MOVE is also coming to sites such as Portland, Southern California and Dallas, Texas in Fall and Winter of this year.

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