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More Words of the Wisdomless

Posted Aug 11 2009 12:00am

It was so fun doing the caricature for July’s “Words Of The Wisdomless”.  This month is already off to great start with over 25 entries for the August Comment Caricature Contest.  Your next question should be “how do I enter the contest”… Well, I’m glad you asked…  You can post a comment here to enter you or you can Freind Me via Facebook and comment on my words of wisdom posts.  I do 5 each week…  Here are some of my new quotes.

“It is my nature to question my own sanity… It’s just my sanity doesn’t like nature and ‘leaves’.” - by Chato B Stewart

“Who are you that you can look at me and judge me on my perceived weakness? Look at my strengths to rise above mental illness, look at me as a person, a brother, a sister, a friend… Then judge me not, for my mind might have a life sentence, but I’ll get out soon and I remember where you live.” - By Chato B. Stewart

“One child is a joy, two children are a blessing, three children are a handful and four or more kids… that’s a mental illness… Com’on are you crazy? I guess so since I have four!” - By Chato B Stewart

“My shrink sent me to the ER today, due to my blood pressure. I was thinking how fragile life is during my battery of tests. I’ve focused on being mentally well, but I’ve over looked my physical health. From now on, I will focus on both my mental and physical health! Right after this cheeseburger, shake and fries to calm my nerves.” - By Chato B. Stewart

“Live life as a fluffy cloud. Floating along happily till you’re forced by environmental issues into a Cumulonimbus cloud. Whipping up heavy thunderstorms, raining downpours that flood your emotional world. Toss in the occasional twister to tear apart a few homes. Until, it’s all out of your system and you deflate back to that cute puffy cloud.” - by Chato B Stewart

“Why is it that I think I’m doing my best and I’m well balanced only in the back of a police car on it’s way to the Crisis Stabilization Unit? Why? Oh Ya, Officer Jones, thanks for the ride.” - By Chato B. Stewart

“When life gives you lemons, cut down the damn tree! Then plant what you want.” - By Chato B. Stewart

“Why is it that people are quick to help you find every thing except your sanity?” - Chato B. Stewart

I hope you like them and feel free to quote me and link me too please.

I’ll see you soon,


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