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Posted Jan 23 2009 6:25pm
Have you ever wondered why some days you can leap out of bed and do everything by 11 am, and other days, you can hardly get out of bed to make a cup of coffee? Somedays start off well and go bad, and other days, somehow with determination everything comes right in the end.

Welcome to your mood!!

Everyone always has a mood, all the time. Not just when you notice it, but all the time. You don't always notice it because the body has a habit of adapting to whatever state its in. People notice when something changes in their surroundings rather than when everything stays the same. When nothing new happens we take our surrounding for granted and stop noticing whatever we are seeing, thinking or feeling. For example rub the back of your hand with your first finger. You can feel the skin under your finger moving. Stop moving your finger and hold it still. After a minute you can no longer feel the skin under your finger. Move your finger again. You can feel the skin again. This happens because when there is no movement, the nerves quickly adapt to the feel of your skin and have nothing to report until something changes. It does not mean the skin on the back of your hand has disappeared. The mood is still present.

People only notice their mood if it changes, or if it stops then doing something he or she wants to do. You notice if you feel better or worse than you did earlier in the morning. You notice you are anxious about a forthcoming exam and that anxiety stops you sitting quietly and reading.

Everyone has a mood, every minute of every hour of every day. No one can escape his or her mood. Which is good, because with practice you can learn to recognise your own mood and change it if you need to. You can also learn to recognise other peoples' moods. This helps you know how they are feeling, even before they tell you and to build better relationships. In the short-term, mood tells you how a person feels, thinks and is likely to behave.

Children are the best mood mappers on the planet. They never give bad news when their parents are in a bad mood. They wait until everything is quiet and peaceful before they drop their bombshell. That way, even if someone gets angry, he or she will be a lot less angry than if they had given the bad news to a someone who was already in a bad mood.

Mood is the first point of contact when you meet someone, and determines how you get along with each other. If you do not match your moods, then you cannot 'click' with each other. There is no empathy, no chemistry and you both look at each other as though you were from another planet!

Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
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