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MGB Relocating

Posted Aug 18 2010 6:43pm

MGB – Move Update – It’s about Everyone!!

MGB is entering into its sixth year of operation – time has certainly flown by.  We have tried some things that have worked, and we have tried some things that did not work out as well as planned.  Despite the attempts that were not overly successful, we continue to push forward.

Recently, the space that is next to me became available.  It is significantly larger than our current space and will allow opportunities to try new things.    Looks pretty bad right now, but we are making some improvements that will improve the appearance dramatically.

Why are we doing this?

For me, it is a challenge.  I am demonstrating all the characteristics of taking on something new:  I’m nervous, scared and doubtful of my abilities.  However, my desire to create an environment in that everyone can be successful is still strong.

Sticking to my mission


The foundation of the MGB mission is that we will provide the needed support to ensure that everyone who starts an exercise program will be successful.  For the most part we have remained true to this mission, and it will continue to be the driving force behind all that we do.  We have helped people lose weight, compete in sporting events, and improve their general quality of life.  I am very proud of these accomplishments.


If you notice in a lot of my post when I refer to MGB I use the term “We”.  “We” is what it is all about.  Very seldom is someone successful without positive and encouraging people surrounding them.  That is exactly the environment that I want to be in.  I want to be surrounded by people who encourage others and honestly, me sometimes.  I want an environment where everyone feels welcomed and part of the group from their very first visit into MGB.  To date, for the most part I think we have accomplished this.  However, there are more people out there, that as a group, we can reach out too and help them improve their quality of life.

Asking for Help


I think I have always had difficulty asking for help.  In the past, I have viewed it as a sign of personal weakness.  “I can do it on my own” seems to be my mantra.  I guess with age, comes wisdom as I realize I cannot do it without help.  So, I am asking for help.  What type of help do I need?

1.       Talk to your friends and relative about MGB.

2.       Be encouraging to everyone who comes in.

3.       Make suggestions on how “we” can improve the MGB experience.

4.       Keep in mind the MGB is dedicated to creating a community of mutual support and accomplishment.

Commitment to the small gym feel

I have spoke to some people about my plans, and often a concern about losing the small gym feel will arise.  I am committing myself to never letting this happen.  We will grow, and we will add members to our community, but I believe by staying committed to each other we will not lose the small gym feel.  I feel the same as most of you.  I will never join a large gym again. 

Thanks for your support

I also want to thank everyone who has been a part of MGB.  Without everyone who has walked through the doors I would not have the opportunity to take on this challenge.

Planning Meeting:

I am planning to hold a planning meeting when I get the facility cleaned up more.  If you are interested in attending please let me know.  The purpose of the planning meeting will be to dicuss:

1.       The Facility

2.       The Parking

3.       Program Offerings

4.       Other uses for the facility during down times

5.       Need for Instructors

Continue to look for updates on the MGB Blog Site -

Remember - Get to the Gym!!!!


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