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Merry Christmas to a Memory!!!

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:18pm

I hope you can see the picture of this pencil cup which says, "grandpa" on the lower part. I saw this in June and thought about really wanting to purchase it for my grandpa and keeping it. He passed away in 2002.

It is made by one of my favorite ceramic artists,
Beth Mueller. Her art is delightful and her ceramics are wonderful. Anyway, I thought it a silly idea to purchase a present for someone who has since passed on, but every time I saw the cup it made me smile. I have wonderful memories of fishing with him and my uncle.

Well, Beth's stuff is limited edition and it went on sale recently. So, I purchased it for Grandpa for Christmas. I have it right by my computer holding things for me until I need them. I see the mug all the time and I hold it with gentle care, embracing the feel and form of a sturdy, functional, whimsical, comforting mug. It makes me smile and feel warm inside every time I see it. Again, Merry Christmas, Grandpa. I hear you going "ho, ho, ho" in my head.

I really miss you and am so thankful for your presence in my life for without you I would not have had any experience of a good attachment and would not be here to welcome everyone else a Merry Christmas. One which is probably one filled with a mixture of feelings. I pray that you can find joy, comfort and hope in one of them. I'm glad I did, but it doesn't make the others go away. Both can coexist. And, I can purchase a gift for a precious person that is no longer physically present.
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