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Mental Retardation Facts –Dispense the Myths and Learn the Condition Better

Posted Aug 31 2012 9:59am

Mental retardation continues to be a misunderstood problem, mainly due to two reasons. First, there are many myths that surround the condition and second, people are not aware about the important mental retardation facts. In fact, the condition is considered as a curse that results from the bad deeds of the past lives in some parts of the world. These beliefs not only add to the agony of the sufferers, but also keep the society ignorant towards the real aspects of the condition. Here is a discussion about the facts that one must know and let it begin with some factual figures.

  • Nearly 3% of the populations in the USA are affected with mental retardation.
  • 10-12 children born every hour around the world suffer from the condition.
  • Over 200 known causes of the condition are known, still some causes remain unexplained.
  • Mild mental retardation is the most common form of the condition, targeting up to 75% of the cases.

Mental Retardation Can’t Be Cured

One of the most important mental retardation facts is that the condition can’t be cured completely. In fact, the approaches used to make the lives of the patients are collectively called mental retardation management and not treatment.

Adult Age Doesn’t Bring Normality

Another important fact is that children with mental retardation don’t become normal in their adult age. It is a common myth that the abnormal behavior of the mentally retarded children gets corrected as they grow in terms of age. The fact is that the life of these patients can be made near to normal, but not completely normal.

Patients Can Be Made Productive and Independent

Mental retardation is a big challenge, but one of the celebrated mental retardation facts is that the patients suffering from the condition can be turned productive for the society and independent for themselves. It requires special training and modifications in the normal learning processes.

Mental Retardation is Not a Disease

It is not a disease, but a condition of disability. Some people consider it as a mental illness. There are some aspects that make it different from other mental illnesses like depression, anxiety and phobias. For example, it is a condition that exists for lifelong and can be managed through special education techniques. Other mental illnesses are temporary and can be treated with medications.

Mentally Retarded Patients are Not Violent

People wrongly misbelieve that mental retardation patients are violent or threatening. It is their inability to express their emotions and feelings in a normal way that make their actions look abnormal.

Patients Need Not Be Isolated

It is only in the severe cases of mental retardation that the patients are admitted to mental asylums or other institutes offering residential programs. It should be one of the most important facts to know that these patients demand love, care and emotional attachment, not isolation.

The final fact is that mental retardation can be prevented by knowing its causes and acting accordingly. The society needs to dispense the awful myths associated with the condition to deal with it in a better way.

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